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You have just had one of the most delicate operations in modern surgery, and with the advanced microscopic technique used in your operation you have been spared the ordeal that cataract patients formerly had to endure: long periods of immobility, long hospitalization, having the eyes patched for days, sand-bagging, and strict limitation of activity.

As your vision gradually clears, you should feel only minor discomfort. You will be restricted to moderate activity for only three days after surgery.

Keep in mind that complications are much easier to avoid than to correct. It is important for you to carefully follow Dr. Pfoff's directions regarding medications and activities so that your eye will have every chance to heal properly and achieve maximum vision. Vision will be clearer some days than others. This is normal.


It is important to avoid strain and pressure on the eye. Anything that increases blood pressure in the small vessels of the eye should be avoided, including constipation and heavy lifting. Constipation may result from certain medications, including aspirin. It is wise to take whatever precautions necessary to prevent constipation.

It will not damage your eye to read, but if it becomes uncomfortable or you feel tired, you should stop. Watching television is also acceptable, as well as any use of the eye that is comfortable. The normal blink rate is every three to four seconds. It is important to blink. The tears have healing properties.


For the first three days after surgery, your eye must be protected at all times. Do not rub your eye under any circumstances. It is crucial to wear physical protection over the eye at all times. During the day, glasses are adequate. However, the protective shield provided after the surgery should be worn any time you sleep. This will protect you from inadvertently rubbing the eye during sleep. It is best not to sleep face down to prevent pressure on the operated eye. You may sleep on your non-operated side or on your back. You will be given a pair of Solar Shields sunglasses to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Please wear these every time you go outside following surgery until Dr. Pfoff prescribes new glasses for you, approximately four weeks after your surgery.


Once your bandage is removed you must clean your eye for the next week. Using sterile eye solution, cleanse the eye gently and without pressure, until dried mucus and crusts on your lashes are washed away. Sterile eye solution can also be used as eyewash, or as eye drops to relieve discomfort of itching and tearing. Upon cleaning the eye you may occasionally get a drop or two of blood from the eye. This is from the vessels on top of the eye where the incision was made to remove the cataract. It is nothing to be alarmed about.


After your eye patch is removed, you will begin using the medication, which is crucial to the healing of the eye. Please follow the instructions as instructed by Dr. Pfoff. 

Some itching and discomfort is normal after surgery and eye drops. You may also experience occasional shooting pain. Tylenol is usually sufficient and stronger medication is seldom necessary. The medication routine is vital. You must use the medication faithfully and exactly as directed. We have found that patients who follow the instructions exactly do better than patients who do not, and we would like to add you to the list of patients who do well.

A 'scratchy' feeling is the most common complaint after cataract surgery and is normal. You may also notice a small white area on the surface of the eye below the iris. This is normal and is due to the medication injected at the time of the surgery. It will subside in five weeks. Redness, a lazy lid and increased tearing are also common. You may note a few floaters and shimmering lights. Avoid rubbing or squeezing your eye although it itches.


You may gently brush or comb your hair the day after surgery. It is permissible to shower or shampoo the day after surgery as long as you take the following precautions:

1.                  When shampooing, keep your head back to avoid getting soap or shampoo in your eye, and

2.                  Do not vigorously scrub your head. You may brush your teeth as soon as you like after surgery and men may shave when desired.


You may gradually resume normal activity. It is all right to look down or bend over, as long as you do so slightly with your head no lower than your heart. You may do anything that you feel comfortable with, but avoid straining at all costs. Do not do anything that creates physical stress for at least three days, such as turning mattresses, lifting garbage cans or heavy suitcases, or other physical heroics.

Eliminate any vigorous activities with jerky, jolting motions such as scuba diving, weight lifting, jogging, golf and skiing for one week. You may take walks with good cushioned shoes and ride an indoor stationery bike. In general, if you don't behave either as an invalid or an athlete you should have no difficulty.

Remember that no postoperative course is perfectly smooth. At times there are temporary setbacks and periods of depression. This is normal, but if you are worried or concerned about anything, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. We want your postoperative course to be as worry free as possible and we don't mind your calling us at any time we can be of help to you. Our office phone is 303-588-7900. This line is answered during business hours, and forwarded to Dr. Pfoff after hours. 

Dangerous Symptoms |  Laser Surgery |  Site Map | Meet Our Doctors  |  Map  | Forms | Photos 

 Home | Patient Education | Patient Instructions | Laser FAQ | Cataract FAQ | About Our Doctors
Pfoff Laser and Eye, 6881 South Yosemite Street | Centennial, Colorado 80112 | 303-588-7900| info@pfofflaserandeye.com