Dermatochalasis Blepharochalasis

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 Drooping Of The Skin Of The Upper Eyelid

As we age, we undergo changes in our body tissues. They become less elastic and tend to sag. This is very prominent on the eyelids and orbital tissue. If this gets to the point where the sagging is interfering with vision, the redundant skin can be removed for functional reasons.









A common problem with ageing is the deterioration of some of our tissues. One of these is the fibrous tissue that holds the contents of the eye socket, called the orbit, in place. As we age this tissue thins and then breaks down. A common place for this to occur is the upper lid near the nose. In the patient shown above the orbital fat that surrounds the right eye to cushion it is protruding through a defect in the orbital septum. If this is a problem for the individual, surgery may be performed to close this defect in the septum.

These operations fall into the general category termed blepharoplasty.






   Drooping of the whole lid margin.

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