Blepharitis treatment




Soak your loosely closed eyelids with a hot washcloth.  You may rinse out the washcloth underneath the hot water faucet. Do not make it hot enough to burn yourself.


When the washcloth cools on your eyelids, rewet it under the hot water faucet again and get it steaming hot so that it is just as hot as you can stand it without burning yourself.  Continue this hot soak ten minutes, four times a day.  At the end of the ten minutes, place a drop of Zymar and a drop of Pred Forte in the sac formed by your lower eyelid and the eyeball, by pulling the eyelid down against the cheekbone.  Then place a drop of each on your clean finger and lightly apply it to your closed eyelids, especially over the lashes, and let dry.  This may itch or feel sticky but will not show and is transparent.  You may open your eyes after his procedure, and you do not have to keep them closed while the drop is drying. 


In the morning and just before bedtime, obtain a cotton-dipped applicator or Q-tip and place a small amount of Ciloxan Ointment, and Tobradex Ophthalmic Ointment on the Q-tip and scrub it into the lashes of both the lower and upper lids just where they go into the skin.  Leave the excess ointment on the eyelids overnight.  It will probably be rubbed off on the pillow.  Change your pillowcases, washcloth and towels once a day.  When you wake up in the morning, wash off all the excess ointment with antibacterial soap with your eyes closed.  When you are finished you can place your finger against your eyelid, making sure it is not sticky and there is no feeling of excess oil or residual ointment on your eyelids. 


If you wear eye makeup, discontinue and discard all eye makeup, including brushes, as it is probably contaminated with bacteria and would just reinfect your eyes.  Get a new stock of eye makeup and brushes, and do not use any eye makeup until after the condition has cleared. 


Use for ____ week consistently prior to surgery.  Start on ___________.